Jimmy LaFave and Band
April 1, 20067:00 PM
The Gallery at Washington Mill
250 Canal Street, Lawrence, MA

Tickets $20.
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The unique nature of our venue requires that you purchase tickets in advance. They are available by mail only. Click here to print the ticket order form. Although we don't expect to sell out, there are a limited number of tickets. So please respond at your earliest convenience.
Two generations of our extended Pollard-Callahan Family in the Lowell and Plum Island areas are rabid Jimmy Lafave fans! He and his band have been  great friends to us too.
He's a fellow warrior in the fight against Huntington's Disease. He's also one of the finest performers you'll ever hear. Love songs, roadhouse rock 'n' roll, Dylan, Woody Guthrie -- Jimmy will alternately touch your soul and rock the joint. We're excited that he's back in town and hope that you'll join us!
Jimmy Pollard
Coming up Canal Street, the mill is the white building on the left.
Left over the bridge across the canal...
...through the tunnel between the mill buildings...
...and into the quadrangle formed by many Lawrence mills. There'll be plenty of parking.
And this is the gallery space where the band will perform and artists will display their work.

We'll send you very clear explicit directions!!!
The Gallery is located in the Washington Mill on Canal Street. If you're not from the Merrimack Valley, this venue will be fun for you! Here are some shots...re to add text.
Some things written about Jimmy:

"Jimmy LaFave's songs move me 'cause he sings them with grit, passion, and uncommon beauty."                                        --Lucinda Williams

"Imagine if Van Morrison had been a Texan; he might have sounded something like this."         -Nick Bollinger, The Listener (New Zealand)

"I'm no longer so naive about the record business that I don't understand why someone this fabulous doesn't sell millions of albums while mainstream mediocrities do. It still cheeses me off, though. Amid the morass of popular music, Jimmy LaFave stands out like a pint of Guinness in a bar full of Miller Lites."                      --Associated Press

"...Jimmy LaFave (is) in the first rank of roots rockers to emerge from Austin, Texas. His songwriting shows equal passion for road-house rock and romantic balladry, and his...band is a killer."            --Rolling Stone

"LaFave has a voice that somehow combines innocence and pain so effectively that it allows LaFave to wring more emotion from a ballad than perhaps anyone ever has. When he rocks, he does so with complete abandon. When he chronicles love, it's with complete immersion. There is no pretense in him."                                  -- Music Reviews Quarterly

“LaFave is nothing if not a red-dirt romantic. Viewing the world from an open road and an open heart, with one eye on the girl and the other on the mythological lure of the highway. First it was Woody Guthrie and then Jack Kerouac, now it’s LaFave and his brand of dirty-boots folk-rock... Jimmy has the most expressive voice this side of Belfast....
                                                                  --Oklahoma City Gazette
More information?

Please call Jimmy Pollard at

...or e-mail me at

Jimmy's most recent CDs

             Trail                                Texoma                         Blue Nightfall

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Friendly Directions


These directions are from I-495, both North and South, as it goes through Lawrence.
  • Get off I-495 at Exit 45B Marston Street. There’s a winding maze of ramps and underpasses that will try to confuse you, but simply follow the signs that say “Marston Street.”
  • Once you get through the maze you’ll end up on Marston Street.
  • Go straight through the first set of lights.
  • You’ll see Ralph Pill Electric on your left, take that left onto Canal Street. The street sign is partially obscured by all the signs on the telephone pole. There’s a “Welcome to Lawrence/Canal Street Historic District” sign there too.
  • Go down the hill through the construction.
  • Go straight through the first set of lights.
  • At the stop sign, turn left over the bridge over the canal.
  There’s a cluster of signs on the bridge, the biggest is “Newark        Atlantic Paperboard Corp.” 
  • Go straight through the tunnel and take a left, you’re there!
  • It’s the entrance beyond the loading docks and it will be clearly marked.