I wish my mother's sister didn't have HD, but she does and is being cared for by my cousin, so my wish for her is peace, patience and hope as she tends to her mother with love as we did my mother until her death.
I wish my sister and brother weren't at risk and I pray they will not develop the disease.
I wish that none of my cousins, nieces or nephews find out they have HD.
I wish no one had to watch their loved one succumb to HD.
I wish there was more help for all the people out there falling through the cracks while dealing with HD.
But my biggest wish is that there be a cure for HD in the very near future.
Jeanne Wilson
From the shores of the Chesapeake Bay
Churchton, Maryland, USA                                                                                 
Until January 31, 2006 this entry screen to www.CureHD.com is dedicated to the 2006 New Year's "Cure HD" Wish campaign. To see the other pages of ww.CureHD.com,  click here.
New Year's "Cure HD" Wishbook
This Wishbook has three aims:
Here's how it works:
Several years ago now, Pat Wolf (left) had "Cure HD" tatooed on her back, waiting for the day when she could add a "d," HD having been "Cured." And the tear drop at the lower right of her tatoo transformed into an exclamation point
I wish my children and step children and grandson and all my friends at risk children to have PEACE OF MIND.  I wish they could have a worry-free childhood.  I wish they could plan their lives without worry, I wish they could plan for children without worry.  I wish for a treatment or CURE that could insure this NOW.Love,
Pat Wolf
Harrison Township
Michigan, USA

This page was last updated: 1 January, 2006
My wife has had HD for 12 years and I have two children ages 35 and 33.  My son just informed me that he has been showing some symptoms for the past two years and seeing a neurologist every 6 month for the past two years.  He is having the blood test done January 10, but that is just a formality at this point. He is extremely intelligent but he can no longer function in his job and will go on disability as of Jan 1. He has two beautiful children ages 3 and 1 and I hope they never have to deal with this terrible disease.  My son is going through a divorce and I can’t help but think that this “ugly beast” was a major contributing factor.
I took early retirement last year to care for my wife and now it appears that I will be caring for my son in the not too distant future.
I hope and pray the researchers find a cure or at least a way to slow the progression of this disease soon.
Rhode Island, USA
My wish for the new year is simply the one I make each year. We need a "Cure for HD " and soon.
I worry who will be here to care for my family if my life ends.I am 72 years old.
My career in life has been to care for my husband till he passed, then to care for our daughter till she entered a nursing home. And she has now passed away.
Today I care for my son who is living with me. Another daughter is in early stages along with a grandaughter. Who will care for them as they progress if I am not here? What other family members carry the gene? We don't know at this time.
Please find us a cure; we need it now! Time is running out for me.
Ruth Hargrave
Knotts Island
North Carolina, USA
Knotts Island
Warwick, Rhode Island
My wish is that my three remaining siblings can peacefully exit this HD road they have been travelling for so long.
Ron C.
Idaho, USA
Salmon, Idaho

I wish for a cure so that Mitch will be able to fulfill his one dream of being bull rider.  I wish that other families dealing with young children who are at risk or have JHD live each day to the fullest and never forget the simple things, like saying "I love you" or a kiss at bedtime.  I wish the medication keeps working and Mitch’s disease does not progress. 
I wish everyone dealing with HD gets one day to have peace of mind and be happy.
Wisconsin, USA

An old friend shares this vision, his wish...
My wish is the same as it has always been:
It's fifty years from now. Two ninety-year-old men are sitting in a bar on the beach in Jacksonville. (That's a global warming joke.)
"Bob, that's the second time this week I saw you stumble. Are you OK?"
"I think so, but I'm afraid it might be the Huntington's."
"Yeah, it's one of those bad genes. Nasty one, too. Killed my mother. I don't know if you remember - it's been a long time - but Huntington's was actually the first thing they controlled with RNA interference."
"Nobody even thinks about it anymore. Anyway, I guess there's nothing they can do for you that lasts forever. The meaning of life being that it stops and all."
"I know what you mean. Truth is, my CD4 count hasn't been coming up as much these last couple of times."
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
When you wish upon that star
the eve of this New Year
please take a few precious seconds
to remember the brave fight of our
HD Angels from new years past
and the endless light of HOPE
shining in the hearts of all our
HD families.

Then, at the stroke of midnight
when 2006 becomes brand new,
join all of us in wishing that THIS
year WILL come the CURE!!

With love/in memory

Jean & Kelly Miller
Clearwater, Florida

    I wish that all these wonderful people dealing with this horrible disease, will have the opportunity to make all their dreams come true.     I wish that my two young , beautiful, amazing daughters will have the chance to be all that they were meant to be.
    I hope so desperately that we wont have to say goodbye to anymore of our loved ones, and that we can finally say that HD is a thing of the past.   
    I am so grateful this time of year for all the love and support that I recieve from this community. Hang in there and keep wishing.             Alyson Krivanek

Alyson's daughters Carissa, 15, JHD; Judy, 14, JHD; Kimmy, 12, not at risk; and Vada, 8, not at risk.

I wish that I had a smile on my face, not a tear in my eye when I type this.
I wish for the sun to shine on Michael's life for another year,at least.
I wish that Jean Miller's memories of her daughter Kelly will never fade.
I wish that Annie was well and that Kelly never shows any symptoms.
I wish that Wee Bobbys peg-site would clear up and he was pain-free.
I wish Steve Ireland and Marsha Miller 'All the best!' for keeping the HD Lighthouse                 shining since the death of Jerry.
I wish Eric Waycott's team could win the Superbowl.
I wish I could taste Maggie's home cooking.
I wish there were more jelly beans, they are finished.
I wish that Jim Pollard continues to give great talks and keeps 'fighting the fight.'
I wish I didn't talk so much.
I wish that I could thank everyone that has helped us on our journey through this                     damning disease.
I wish that all the parents of kids with JHD didn't have to go through this shit.
I wish Glasgow Rangers could win the Champions League (A bit far fetched).
I wish that I could turn back time 5 years so that I could play football with my son                     one more time.
I wish all the people in the world that are in any way connected to HD 'A Merry                          Christmas and A Happy New Year'
I wish more than anything, next year when I click on this link, that it is re-named                      www.CuredHD.com.

I wish

That my friend hadn’t died, her young son without his mother cries

I wish

You could take away the shock and overwhelming sadness we all carry in her absence

I wish

She was in my life…….

her voice, her laugh, her face, her smile, her love, her friendship

She would have wished that we fought the fight and find a cure for generations to come.

Marie McGill
Aberlady, Scotland

Aberlady, Scotland
    I've sent a letter my youngest daughter (with Juvenile HD) wrote last year to GOD. Since this time we have added Karli's 13-year-old sister to her list of wishes for a cure, as
she also recently tested gene posative.              
      Karli shared with me last eve that her wish is:
"I wish that my doctors will find a cure for HD for everyone. I wish I could play outside on the slide and swings with my friends without falling. I wish that my doctors could
help Daddy to not be so angry. I don't want to die yet and I don't want my Daddy to die or Jjacey or anyone. I wish no kids or Dads had to be sick anymore from HD. I don't like HD its no fun cuz I cant play like my friends at recess. I want to go to the party to celebrate the cure for HD and dance. It will be lots of
MOMS wish is: I wish that everyone fighting this disease finds love understanding and care that they need for the most quality filled life and quality of care.
I wish that we caregivers might find it a year of less need for advocating for care and more time to build memories and just enjoy the moments.
I wish that our community of support continues to grow. I hope that HD will gain even more attention to help support our doctors continue to make great strides in research and care alike.
I wish for JHD to continue to gain the recognition it has as it offers up hope to our families and we need the time and
I'd love nothing more than to grow old while watching my children grow with my husband by my side. However, if this isn't possible I wish that all our suffering won't be in vain and that people embrace our families rather than fear this disease.
I wish for all the families I've gotten to know and those I have yet to meet, strength, peace, love, and a year to celebrate. I wish everyone a year of compassion and answers to their needs. Also that no more families have to say goodbye to a child, parent, brother or a sister...AND I WISH US ALL TO MEET FOR THE CELEBRATION OF A LIFETIME... THE CURE!                              
                                      Jane and Karli (9)
Michigan USA
I wish that all the scientists involved in finding a cure for HD will have God's hands guiding them. We so need a cure for this horrendous disease!
I wish I could ride horses in the piney woods of east Texas with my brother again. I wish for him to be able to smile and laugh again. I so miss this part of him!
I wish my mother did not have to see her only son suffer so horribly. These are years she could have enjoyed relaxing and doing things she wanted to do. She is 84 and goes every night for three hours to the nursing home to fix his dinner and help him eat. She has gone every night for the past 3 years. I wish she will never have to bury her son. That will be my job.
I wish every city in the world would have an HD center of excellence and no one would ever be turned away because of inability to pay. I wish for more publicity about HD. This is as badly needed as a cure.
Finally, I wish for all my HD family and their loved ones peace of mind making decisions that are so difficult. May God bless each and everyone and give us all the strenghth to fight the fight in the coming new year. Much love to all. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
Kathy Waggoner   
Texas, USA
Longview, Texas
My first wish is that when HD family members call our (HDSA-New England) office looking for help, I could say: "Oh, just take the new medication they discovered that stops all symptoms and has no side effects." 
My second wish is that my first wish comes true very soon.
My third wish is that more of my taxes went to the National Institute of Health rather than defense.

Virginia Goolkasian
New England HDSA Office      

I have never given up since our New Years prayer several years ago. I believe that a cure has been found and that it is just a matter of time before the announcement is made and the drugs become available. I hope that 2006 is the year that we can all shout 'Hallelujah!'

Gayle Kingsbury HD+
United States of America

I wish that the doctors, researchers, and scientist have all the means necessary to continue to make breakthroughs in treatment        and eventually find a cure.

I wish my mother won’t have to outlive her son.

I wish my brother can watch his daughter grow up healthy and strong.

I wish my niece can be part of the last generation dealing with this horrible disease.

I wish for the day where there is no such thing as Huntington’s Disease.

I wish for everyone touched by HD realizes it can take a lot, but it can NOT take, HOPE, LOVE, or the MEMORIES we have shared.

Jason Mundy
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

I am 20 years old and just tested positive for HD, but I am presymptomatic...I actually have a wish and a resolution.
My resolution is that, with knowing that I tested positive, I will never take for granted the time that I have free of the disease. I want to live my life to the fullest, do all the things I've dreamed of doing. I want to start now fighting against the disease before I get the symptoms, doing whatever I need to do to make my life better and always remembering that I am so lucky for the time I have right now.
My wish is that doors of opportunity will open for me to become someone involved in finding a cure for HD, whether it's joining research programs or doing something else that would be beneficial and would help find a cure or at least some relief for those suffering or who will develop the disease.
My wish is that through me, someone suffering will gain strength and hope. My wish is that the strength that EACH person dealing with HD (the caregivers, those with HD and those who will develop HD) has will build up and give strength to those who feel like they have no strength left, whether they are suffering from HD or some other disease or problem in their life, and that that strength will cause even more effort and awareness towards finding a cure for HD.
Connecticut, USA

Norbert is my name. I am the caregiver and husband of Margaret. We've resided in our home in Largo, Florida since 1962. She is 76 years young; and I am 80. She was diagnosed with HD in the fall of 1995. She was mobile for a year after. Since, although a total invalid with a feeding tube and unable to speak for 5 years, it is my faith in God and His abundant blessings that  sustains me to do the task assigned.
Although HD will attain its goal of total destruction on the person, it has attained something good. I feel it has brought a marriage bond between us much closer and deeper  than would have existed without it. We are closing in on 49 years of  happiness.
Norbert Quebbeman
Florida, USA
My wish for the scientists is for their health and for their wisdom and perseverance (as well as funding) in pursuing a cure.  On a more personal level, I wish for the legal system to become more aware of mental issues in people with HD and other brain-related diseases.  Personally, I pray that we get a commutation of our son's sentence during 2006 and can get him back to home and into an assisted living house. 

Pat Pillis
Saranac Lake
New York, USA

Saranac, New York
Largo, Florida
I don't know who started it, but it's been a tradition (here) to have a New Year's prayer for the cure (treatment) each year. I'm doing it again, with  my family. While things are very challenging with us, as I know they are for many on this list, I think we have cause for real hope in 2006. Love and peace to all,
California, USA
My Wishes are:
I wish there was a cure!
I wish I was normal!
I wish that this heart breaking disease didn't exist.
I wish I could do everything my friends can!
I wish I could fufill my dreams
I wish that my family and friends didn't have to             experience this horrible disease.
And I wish that my real dad didn't have this disease.
I wish that no one in the world had HD!
This disease is so cruel it eats through you and you     waste away!   
And it tears through you and your family and friends!
And my last wish is I wish I don't have to die with JHD!

Laura Gibb
Corby, England
I wish for tears to stop flowing, and hearts to stop breaking, as family and friends watch Huntington's Disease destroy someone they love. CURE HD!
Terry Fore
Carer to her husband
East Grand Forks
Minnesota, USA
This year I lost my brother Marshall, 58, and my sister Barbara, 70, to HD. Our mother had HD, one of her brothers had HD, her mother had HD, her maternal grandfather had HD, her great-grandmother had HD.  Myself and my two remaining siblings (2 sisters) are praying for a cure for this terrible disease.  Thanks for listening... and joining in the battle.
Elaine Overby
Florida, USA

I wish there was no such thing as a Genetic Disorder.
I know that Celtic will win the league.
I wish that teenagers never had an attitude problem.
I wish we won a million bucks and ended our days in Orlando,           Huntington's-free.
I wish they would Hurry up and find a Cure.

John Gibb
Laura's Dad      
Laura and friend.
Hello and season's greetings! I am a caregiver to my husband..He is 54 years old. I think it's too late for him. But for future HD families I only hope that there is a cure, so this disease could stop before it endures your life. It is a demon that you do not have any control over. You live it; you breathe it. And its very devastating....to you and the person with Huntington's Disease (Phd). It sure challenges you every day of your life. The day there is a cure I will only be happy for the entire HD Society.
Carlene Miller

I have always had a hard time with wishes because I feel they have to be attainable and the cynic in me doesn't allow me to go beyond what I believe can happen.  So my wishes for the year 2006 are this:
I wish that we all might find some joy in each day.  I wish for those with children and spouses, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who have become someone else, someone cranky or distant, angry or confused, annoying or threatening, silent or sleeping, to have a moment or more of spark from the past where our loved one returns to that person he was and gives us the treasure of a new memory to add to our collection of keepsakes.
I wish all caregivers who are going through this alone to have moments of peace and relief.  I wish needless guilt disappears and the knowledge that we do our best will be our true belief.
I wish those of us with children can revel in the joy that these precious children were given to us to love and care for and that we are able to maintain our strength and fortitude to make their lives and ours joyous.
I wish peace to those who have lost their loved ones and memories that can replace some of the sorrow.
I wish each of us more understanding from those who deal with us
and our loved ones.
I wish for those who are living with this disease many good days and friends and family who care and comfort and understand.
I wish for Andrea Syke's family peace and memories of great love and pride in their daughter and sister and a peaceful passing for her.

My most selfish wish is that my son is able to have a relationship with a
Annette Williams with two wonderful guys: her son Shane, 29, and the late Don King, Chairman of the Board of HDSA.
wonderful woman before he reaches a time when this won't be possible.
In closing I hope that those things beyond my belief will happen and  prove me wrong for being a cynical wisher!
Annette Williams
Pullman, Washington, USA
We who are living on a planet visited by God who came down to suffer as a human in the form of Jesus, we celebrate the birth of Christ who is the Prince of peace.and also our great counselor.  I will say this unashamed to those who are Jews or Muslim or Buddhists or Hindus. They too can celebrate their Hannukah or wintersolstice or honor their own roots in whatever way they want to.

In our Christmas stockings, may we receive the Peace we all hunger and yearn for and may we be able to use our energy and money to find a Cure for HD as well as a cure for the many other problems faced by this planet. May all those who are suffering from HD and who take care of HD patients be able to overcome their difficulties and enjoy much happiness and little pain.
In Peace and Health           Gudrun
New York State, USA
When I had children it was a scientific leap of faith. I prayed that my children would be able to have some form of genetic test when planning a family, so they could eliminate HD for their children. My prayer has been answered already, and I feel it is greedy to ask for more.
However, I wish that we have sympathy, empathy and wisdom to go along with our knowedge. I also wish that genetic advances be contained to personal knowledge and that insurance companies and employers not be allowed to use our records against us.
I also pray that my rights to not live dwindling in a nursing home, but to have legal choices before me, and the wisdom to do that right too.
Dusty Candlish
Guelph, Ontario
My family has faced the long hard road of HD since 1988 when my Dad was formally diagnosed.
Since that time my second oldest brother died along with my Dad.  My oldest brother Ronnie is living with HD.  I first had the pleasure to meet Jim in the late 90's, when my brother Raymond was living in a facility in Lowell, Mass. Over these years I have had various contact for help or advise.
My hope for the holidays and for all concerned is that this is the last generation to live as  Phds, or at-risk. HD has been a part of my adolescent life and now my adult life.  Although it does not define who I am, we all share that one common thread: The cure and to support each other. Best of Holidays to all this joyous season. 

Anthony Leotta
Long Island
New York State, USA
I wish my Mom had never heard the word "Cancer."
I wish I did not have a sister and two nephews at-risk.
I wish my HD friends at The Lighthouse and beyond, were not struggling.
I wish the cure comes in time for Michael and Bobby, and all children living with Juvenile HD.
I wish that most of my family was still alive. I especially miss my Grama.
I wish hungry people worldwide had enough food to eat.
I wish there was no such thing as child, spousal, elder and animal abuse.
I wish people were kinder to each other.
I wish there was no such thing as Huntington's...

Kelly B
    {Note to friends I have not yet met: I'm in the early stages of HD.}
The Story of Dusty's Snow Angels
My wish for the year 2006 is for continued good care from knowledgeable, understanding doctors for those of us with HD. 
Money, inspiration, and enlightenment for the devoted, hard working researchers so that they may find a cure this year. 
The 3 P's - peace, patience, and persistence- for the wonderful families and caregivers of people with HD. 
Happy New Year and love,
Deb Baker
Albany, Wisconsin

I believe in being clear and detailed in my visions. 
My dream is that the first treatment for Huntington’s Disease finally becomes available in 2006 with more to follow quickly, that biomakers are discovered which will shorten clinical trials so that all people with HD will benefit quickly if a drug or supplement is effective, and that we get clinical trials that
maximize resources by combining potential treatment agents and
moving seamlessly from Phase II to Phase III trials.
I dream that the HD community will become an energized fighting
force for what we need – legal changes, benefits, more nursing homes
with specialized units for HD patients -- so that when someone needs
assistance, the response is always “How can I help” and the resources
are there to do it.
Dr. Marsha Miller
Delaware, USA
HD Advocacy Center
HD Lighthouse

Here's a picture of my children's feet that I painted for this year's Christmas card - Stormy (13), Meredith (13), Robbie (9) - one day they'll understand how amazing a cure truly is.

This year I tested HD negative.  After years of wondering, fears and the final decision to take a leap of faith, I discovered that the disease that my father had, his mother had, her father had and so on, didn't lay the genetic hand on me - yet, it left a lasting impression.
I pray that the last of my five siblings, my youngest brother who has yet to be tested, tests negative. I pray that those who test negative and those who do not have HD continue to support those who have not tested and are at risk and those who have tested positive and show active symptoms. May the scientists, thinkers and doctors have the wings of eagles and angels to assist them.
I pray that we reach into ourselves to find hope, faith and enduring love so we may reach out to each other and show - no matter gender, color or creed - we are a joined family rallying for an HD cure.

Simone Simpson
Abilene, Texas
E-mail Simone

my wish for 2006
    is for a cure so that my brother can get better.
    i lost my mother to HD 22 years ago and someone every year since .
    now my little brother has HD.
    hope and happiness for everyone.
    god bless you all.
              Evelyne Aucoin

My Wish is for HOPE.........So we can go on  

each day till the cure ARRIVES

in all it's glory

soft smile...........Anne

Northern Alberta
Hi, I'm Gabrielle Hamilton and I am at-risk for HD.  I have one son, one
brother, two nephews, one neice and two cousins at-risk too and I'm wishing for a cure.

for panic attacks and depression. I am amazed and grateful that I might be symptomatic at a time when I can receive services that benefit me but of course, I want more.

I want to always be healthy (from HD) and to no longer be concerned about
the health of my loved ones.  Pretty please with sugar on top!
I am appreciative of the gains that have been made so far by HDF and the HD Study Group and other scientists. I have a terrific doctor in New York who has assured me that there is a medication in Europe and Canada that actually impacts physical symptoms. I also work in mental health and I know that there are already medications

I wish I didn't have to run
from HD, but I have the gene
and no choice but to fight.

With no symptoms at age 59,
I'm still running in front of the
Devil. May he never catch me.

I wish everyone with the gene
was as lucky as I am.

Will Brown
Raleigh, NC
[Photo of Will in a Trail Race]
I wish that someday very soon, our beloved scientists, who have worked so long and so hard, will find the CURE. They are so close, I can feel it.  Please, please let it be soon.  And let that CURE fix those already sickened.

While we wait, I wish for a world where families impacted by HD have the opportunity and ability to maintain their dignity and continue to lead fulfilling lives. I wish for a world were the dreadful impact of HD is well known and better understood, where support and assistance for HD families are at the forefront of the community's health care agenda.

  I wish my husband did not have HD.

Connecticut, USA
(is this too much?  how many wishes do I get?) 

"Drop, drop– in our sleep, upon the heart
sorrow falls, memory’s pain,                 
and to us, though against our very will,
even in our own despite,  comes wisdom,    by the awful grace of God."
Aeschylus, from Agamemnon
I wish Godspeed to scientists, wisdom to those touched by HD and a new wind in our collective sails. I pray for bravery in High Science lest the politics of academe,  money and ego delay a treatment or retard access to it.
Jimmy Pollard, Massachusetts, USA
My daughter has Huntington's.  She is only 48 years old and was doing research in molecular genetics when she was stricken with this disease.  Now she is unable to work at all.  Such a waste of talent and a life of almost helplessness should not be put upon anyone.  Please find a cure.

Peggy Harris
Waco, TX
View of Chesapeake Bay
In loving memory of valerie Mackenzie,my mum.
My wish for 2006 is for someone to find a cure for hd.
Cally Mackenzie age 11

My son Troy's CAG count is 59. I'd give my life for this conversation:
"Son, how old are you now?"
I pause as he answers, "60!"
"You're old, Troy!  Well, I'm 81 years young today!  My birthday!" Laughing, I say, "Thanks for the house shoes that you mailed to the home, Troy. They fit fine as I shuffle in the hall."
"Your sisters just left with the grand kids. Can you believe I'll be a great great grand ma soon? Your dad would have loved to see little Sally crawl today. Honey, this new great great grand child is going to be a boy. He'll be named after Dad. Isn't that wonderful?"
The conversation goes quiet. Troy takes a deep breath. I knew I had opened the topic that we venture to every once in a great while.
"Mom, I wish a cure had been in time for Dad," he begins. "Mom, sometimes I feel guilty that I had the cure and we lost Dad right before that." Referring to his siblings, now in their late 40's, as "the little ones," he laughs and continues. "Mom,  it's so nice that the little ones never had to worry about HD. It was in time to save them; in time for JHD never to be an issue."
Troy warmly reminisces. "Mom, the day you saw that email, you called me at 1:00 a.m. to tell me that they had found the cure. Mom, I'll never forget that day: a cure. We were set free!"
I hear tears in his voice. 
"I so wish that Dad could know that we're OK. That we're safe."
I try to keep my tears from being heard. "Son, your Dad knows. And he's so proud of you as he looks down. He knew when you made Officer. Your childhood dream; now Navy retired. He got to meet Ashley and love her. And those boys, oh my word,  they're so smart like you. Those grand kids! Can you believe John made officer this year?"
"Son, they just announced that BINGO's starting. Can I go play?"
He laughs, "Sure, Mom, I'll talk to you tomorrow".

Diane Manuel's wish, right, and tatoo, above. Diane's husband Vince has HD. Her sons Troy, 23, and Mark, 22, are showing early symptoms. She is also Mom to Kelsie, 13, Savannah, 11, Sally, 9, Isaac, 8; and Mema to 21-month-old Isabella. All are at-risk.
As I sit here reflecting and trying to put my 2006 New Year’s Wish into some semblance of an organized thinking pattern, I realize that first, I must thank God for the Blessings in my life.  Growing up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid), I was taught and have always believed that everything we go through in this life is a lesson; that if you open your heart, you will find that something good can and does come out of every life experience. That was until HD invaded my life and turned my world upside down. As I watched first my mother-in-law and then my husband fight their battle with HD, I lost hope and closed my heart and refused to believe that anything good could happen as a result of this devastating disease that was ripping my family apart.
And though I closed my heart to Him, God carried me through, loving me and giving me the strength to see and believe; helping me become the woman that I am today…and He blessed me. With friends that I would never have known, if not for HD….with the ability to see beyond the HD in my loved ones….and with a new life with a wonderful, loving and caring man….and a larger family.

My wish for 2006 is:
PLEASE Let us have a CURE or effective treatment for HD this year so that our loved ones will no longer have to suffer the ravages of this devastating disease.
That the doctors, researchers and scientists will continue to make strides towards finding a CURE!.
That the general public will gain a better understanding of HD and its affects on all it touches.
That all of us living with HD; pHD, at-risk, caregiver, family and friend, will have the strength and courage to continue on until we have a CURE!
That this WILL BE “The Last Generation of HD”
With love and looking towards the CURE,
Susie Hodgson
Naperville, Illinois
Estoy escribiendo estas lineas mientras contemplo un hermoso mar Mediterraneo, soleado hoy a pesar del frio que hace, brillante y radiante, calmado y tranquilizador como casi siempre. Una familia de gaviotas descansa en la arena todas mirando en la misma direccion, al sol. No se mueven. Supongo que lo que quieren es aprovechar esos rayos tras unos cuantos dias sin él y cargarse de la energía suficiente para aguantar un poco mas el frio que este año se resiste a abandonarnos.
Estan apiñadas y unidas en una misma actividad. Quizas mas tarde, levanten el vuelo y se dirijan a otros parajes, no lo sé, pero seguro que lo harán todas juntas, como la gran familia que son.
Nosotros somos tambien una gran familia unidos por los mismos problemas, las mismas inquietudes y el mismo deseo. Que se encuentre de una vez una cura para esta devastadora enfermedad y debemos apiñarnos como las gaviotas para que nuestra fuerza sea mayor y nuestro grito se oiga bien fuerte.
Pero tengo mas deseos.
Es mi deseo al acabar este año que ninguna familia se sienta sola o desamparada, que todas las familias Huntington sepan que hay otras dispuestas a echarles una mano y a hacerles mas llevadera su pena.
The Rambla on New Year's Eve, Barcelona
Es mi deseo que todas aquellas familias que perdieron un ser querido por esta enfermedad tengan el consuelo de la familia Huntington que sufre con ellas su misma perdida.
Es mi deseo que todas aquellas familias que viven con el miedo de la incertidumbre que lleva consigo la herencia, vislumbren un rayo de esperanza en la enorme investigación que se lleva a cabo y aúnen sus fuerzas para facilitar esta investigación.
Y mi mas ferviente deseo es que todos aquellos enfermos que esta noche vivan el paso a un nuevo año lo hagan en compañia de sus seres queridos, participando de la fiesta, sintiendose integrantes de ella, queridos y respetados, valorados como los seres únicos que son, con el reconocimiento abierto de que siguen siendo ellos, esas personas entrañables que fueron y que es una maldita enfermedad las que les ha hecho ser quien hoy son, con sus quejas y sus insistencias, con sus demandas y sus inaptitudes, con su pasividad y su lejania. Tambien con su mueca insinuando una sonrisa y con el brillo en sus ojos de comprensión y afecto.
A todos, Feliz Año NuevoMontse Torrecilla

I wish for my little grandaughter, that she will never need to experiences
the horrific side of HD. This is me holding her on the day she was born,
February 14, 2003. As I was holding her, I was wishing for so much for her,
for her future, and yet, I had tears in my eyes, not knowing her future.
I had been experiencing some distressing memory problems and personality changes for a few months now, and I wondered fearfully what it all meant, and what it would mean to my little grandaughter. Whatever was going on, would I be able to be the type of Grandma that I had always dreamed of? Was some terrible monster stealing away my personality, the caring person that I was? Was my little grandaughter going to know the real me, or just remember some horrible monster of a person? Would I be able to hang in their long enough to give her all the love in the world that I wanted to give her?
My questions were answered a few months later, as my symptoms became worse. I tested positive for HD just before her first birthday, and I also tested positive for symptoms in the early stages. It was a relief to know that the
changes happening in me were not me, but HD, and I could put a label on it.
But now, I hurt so much for the future.
I'm now part of this wonderful on-line HD community, and have met so many wonderful people, and my heart is so broken for what so many people are going through, especially at this time of year, Christmas.
My prayer and wish is for a cure, but more than that, I pray for comfort for those who need comfort. I pray for wisdom for those who need wisdom. I pray that in 2006 there would be real, tangible help, for those that are calling out for help, but not getting any.
Yes, I pray for a cure, but more than that, I pray that there would be tangible help for those with HD, and for their caregivers, help that they need now. I pray that medical and social services would be doing what they say they are doing for people, and that the "system" would work more effectively for all.
More than anything, I pray that these online support groups would always be
here for us, that there would always be a comforting and listening ear just a heartbeat away. I pray for my little grandaughter, that she will grow up in a world where HD is not even a concern, just a thing of the past, that she knows little about.
Love and blessing to all,
Barb Marshall
Mission, British Columbia
My PRAYER for 2006 is that God guides the hands and minds of all the scientists and researchers working for a cure, and that He bless the families of all those with HD.
As for my WISHES, well...
I wish my father could be by my side being the best dad he can be, instead of accross the country and dying from a disease that has no cure.
I wish my grandmother would be more supportive and get her head out of her ass and her heart out of denial.
I wish they were wrong when they said he would die before I was twenty.
I wish I wasn't nineteen.
I wish that I didn't have to wish for a cure anymore.
God Bless everyone affected by Huntington's Disease in 2006 and always.
Katie Gipe
Reston, Virginia
I met my best friend Ruthie in the early 1970's at school.  It was not long before I met her father, who was already displaying symptoms of Huntington's Disease.  This was when I first became aware of HD.  It would be some time before I understood what it really meant for Ruthie and her sisters and brothers.  Soon, I came to consider these people as my own "extended family."  Once the facts about HD became more clear to me, I remember considering who among the "at risk" brothers and sisters might fall victim to this dreadful disease.  I felt certain that Ruthie would escape the curse, though I had no objective reason to believe this.  I started to get an inkling what it means to be "at risk" - though I am certain that one cannot truly understand how this feels unless actually living with it.

We remained the closest of friends through these thirty three years.  We shared each other's joys and sadness, triumphs and losses, passions, hopes and fears as only the best of friends can.  I continued to hold on to my belief that she was to be one of the fortunate ones.  As time passed, my confidence that this was true increased, because we were getting older and everything seemed fine to me.  It would be some time before the irony of my own myopia started to dawn on me.  We were so close that I could not - would not - see the signs.  I was living in denial - a "hope fiend" who could not imagine this happening to his soul mate and best

friend.  The bubble burst about ten years ago when it became obvious that I was wrong.  She has lost so much to this disease that it is hard to even think about, but one thing remains - hope!

Hope springs eternal for those of us who are touched by Huntington's, especially when it conspires to take away someone we love dearly.  My hope is as strong as my love for Ruthie - it grows stronger with each passing day.  We often hear of promising advances in the study of this and related diseases.  We wait, hope, and pray for the successful application of this science. 

My wish, obviously, is for a cure - anything that offers Ruthie and everyone else touched by Huntington's a chance to beat this. 
Steve Bastinck
New Jersey, USA
I wish that a treatment, if not a cure, can be discovered for HD in 2006. I wish that my cousins and my niece at-risk, had nothing to worry about, whether being at-risk, testing positive, or losing our loved ones with HD. I wish for a treatment or cure that will enable our loved ones to live a full and happy life regardless. I hope that my sister Karen, and my brothers John and Paul, will find peace in their long HD journey, and are taken to heaven with the promise of no more HD, no more pain, no more suffering. I hope that they will be welcomed by my paretns, and my sister Carolynn, who are never out of my thoughts. I hope for the future of all HD families, that we can no longer feel the dread that comes with the diagnosis, that we can live and enjoy life, and be free of this horrible illness. I may not say the right things, but my heart is surely in it. Love to you all and a hopeful, happy New Year.     Suzanne Kengla
Hudson, NY
I wish my daughter 32 and son 25 who are gene positive may never know the devastation of HD. I wish they will grow old and live full happy lives free from mental and physical deterioration. I wish that God would hear our pleas and prayers and stop the suffering of all HD families--this year 2006!!!

Sara Wilkinson
Memphis, TN

Hi! This is my son Patrick.  He is celebrating his 38th birthday in this picture taken this year.   In his early 20's he stood tall (6'), had a good job, money in the bank, friends and a fiance.  Today he can no longer walk or talk, he is fed through a feeding tube and has no control over his hands, arms and
upper body. But he does have one important thing - A Smile. 
And as long as he has a smile I have the strength to continue on praying for a cure and praying  for support for all those with HD, their families and their friends affected by it.        My wish is for more recognition of HD by scientists, the media, funding programs and people in the health care fields. It is still a little known and very  misunderstood disease by the majority of the population.
    I wish for more nursing homes with special wings for people with brain diseases if placing our family member becomes necessary.
    I wish that there is a breakthrough that will slow the progression for people in the earlier stages and pre-symptomatic.
    Finally I wish that no more families have to hear those horrible words "you have an incurable brain disease called "Huntingtons's Chorea".
Tobey Schwartz
Allentown, PA, USA.
I wish comfort and peace to all who have HD or at-risk. 
I wish strength and understanding to all caregivers. 
I wish for a cure for HD in 2006.
Happy New Year.
Love to all,
Maggie Pond
Un especial saludo a todas aquellas personas que padecen la EH y a sus familiares y el deseo de que el 2006, nos regale la noticia que todos esperamos . la cura de la enfermedad.
Feliz Año Nuevo !!!

Edith Horcas Leyes
Of course I wish for a cure, who doesn't? I wish that more people would give money, that the media would communicate our needs to the world, and that all the pieces would fall into place so that no more families have to suffer from this particular disease.
But I also wish for kindness and patience and common sense from those in the medical and social serivce professions that interact with our families on a daily basis. It's hard enough testing positive or watching your spouse or child or sibling or parent suffer without having support from those who are actually paid to support you.
I wish that not one HD family feels alone and that they are surrounded by people who don't run away because it's too hard to witness the devastation.
I wish for the HD community to be creative and be willing to think outside of the box and listen rather than to do something because it's the way it's always been done.
Lastly I wish that we all grow into better people and use the lessons learned to help others live in joy no matter the circumstance.
Carmen Leal
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
[Carmen is the author of Faces of Huntington's, Portraits of Huntington's and The Twenty-Third Psalm for Caregivers.]
As in the picture, the sun sets on a perfect day…always with the promise of another beautiful day tomorrow. My wish is that with the dawning of 2006, a new day is born, dedicated to finding the cure for HD. Our families have so much potential to contribute to this wonderful world.
Please give them a chance to grow, multiply, and prosper without the cloud of HD hovering overhead.
I wish everyone enjoys a sunset as pretty as this one….and a reality of another beautiful (HD-FREE) day tomorrow.

Love and Peace
Carl and Marlene Gallion
West Richland, WA
With a clever bit of "cyberquilting" Jean Miller (re)arranged somes squares of The HD Memorial Quilt to more succinctly convey the collective memorial wish originally sewn into the quilt by its many contributors.
When reading everyone's I cried and cried. I can relate because my family has suffered Huntington's Disease since long before I was born. This disease has devastated my family for generations and I have seen many family members suffer and die from this horrible monster we call HD. I am currently caring for both my parents, am a single parent of two beautiful children a son who is 12 years old and a daughter who will be 2 in February. My mother has HD and my children, myself, and my brother and his 3 beautiful children are all At-Risk. I also have many, many other relatives who either have or are At-Risk for HD as my mother had many siblings.
I have made many friends through Yahoo
groups who care for, are At-Risk for, or have HD.
Maybe it's too late for some; maybe it's not. My
wish is that the CURE
be found NOW!!!
I believe in miracles...
I believe God answers
prayers. I know he
does not  always
answer them in our
time, but I pray not
one more person has
to suffer this devastating
disease. I do not want to
learn that one of my children
has to live this life, either by
having to make decisions by
what to do with me or by having
the disease.
Rhonda Holscher
Cincinnati, Ohio

Huntington's Disease hit me late in my years. I have two kids and 5 grandkids, and we just found this year that my daughter doesn't have it. I pray my son doesn't have it. My wish is that they will find a CURE for HD so that my family won't have to suffer from it.
JoAnn Curington
Rhonda's Mom
Says Rhonda:
"My dad is a man of simple words. He is frustrated with this disease and simply wishing for a cure." 

Says Bob:
"I just wish they'd come up with a cure."
Left, Rhonda's Dad, Bob, with her brother Bobby, also at-risk.
"I wish that my Mamma would get better from HD; and I wish that they would find a cure."

Caleb Holscher
Rhonda's son
Age 12

My wish for 2006 for my children and friends and all families with HD, is that a Control or Cure is found so that the families can laugh and love 24/7 because all the caregiving is not required. Just TLC, which we all need.
Love, Peace and Prayers, Gerleine and Family in San Antonio, Texas

I wish that the combined strength of this vibrant community can be harnessed to protect vulnerable members from the ill-informed who use bland statistics to dehumanize and demonize what they do not understand.

I also wish that those who have exploited, accidentally, otherwise or for any reason, see their mistake and work to correct it in future.

Hope 2006 brings everything we could wish for.

All the best!

Bernie Moran
Dublin, Ireland
This is my beautiful daughter Gracie. She will be 2 in February. Since she is not big enough to make a wish for herself I wanted her face to be seen because she also is at-risk. I know if she could make a wish that she would wish for a CURE for HD. I also know that she would wish for no more sickness in anyone. Because that is the very nature and innocence of a child's heart.

JoAnna Grace Holscher
Rhonda's daughter
Pictured with family friend, Elmo.
Gerleine and her son Gilbert.              Marie Nemec Photo
Gerleine's friend Valentino
"fights the good fight against HD."
My wish for 2006 is that some researcher somewhere will find some compound that significantly delays the progression of HD and that another researcher discovers a compound that helps repair the damage caused by HD and that the combination of these two compounds in a single pill is equivalent to a cure. Is that too much to ask?

Another wish, is that we can gather together and have a loud voice, and that politicians listen and are moved to action when we tell them that there needs to be a more effective system of support for those with HD and others who become mentally impaired and are unable to cope for themselves.
Steve Ireland
Texas, USA
Gerleine (see her Wish just above) also sent along a portrait of Marjorie Guthie done by Dennis Caldwell. It's fitting to close this Wishbook recalling that, although an  untold number of generations and countless thousands of families have prayed and wished for an end to this loss and suffering, Marjorie was the first to articulate the vision of lay advocacy, a partnership with scientists and a living balance between care, cure and education. Thirteen years ago our best and brightest found the gene for HD. Families worldwide still endure additional suffering and loss needlessly from unorganized, disorganized or inadequate health care and social services. At a time when the worldwide lay advocacy movement appears to have lost a clear vision of its role, in the context of ever increasing industrialization of the HD lay
advocacy movement by pharmaceutical companies and their allied physicians and amid the banging of doors slammed in the collective face of the worldwide family touched by HD every day, I trust reading these poignant heartfelt wishes will renew our spirit to carry on. One can do no more than their own situation allows. But each and every one of us can do something. It may be as simple as telling your story or sending your wish. Inspired by our founder, we carry on... Godspeed, scientists, in your great endeavour on our behalf.